Today word changed in online everything you find on internet done through the internet. The internet makes our life easier we are using different services through mobile and computer.
what is digital marking and its impotans for business and consumer ?
Online shopping, ticket booking, recharge, bank payment, online payment, pay the bill, pay government bill, investment, buy a property, company registration, buy a life insurance policy, buy a share, others different job did get done through the internet. The people are attracted in browsing the internet and also the market research also focus to get a marketing campaign on the internet and sell the maximum products and services to the customer.

If you see the behavior of new generation customer who knows about the power of digital word he must search the products and services on online after that he make a plan to buy it even online or offline. One research has given the report on a consumer behavior before buying a product 80 % shoppers who search for products online and make a decision about the products and services.
what is digital marking and its impotans for business and consumer ?

what is Digital Marketing?
The products and services selling through digital technology called digital marketing it’s done through the internet we connect through mobile, computer, laptop, web site, mobile apps, email, and others it helps to business institutions get a wide range of customer in effective cost and give a complete data of each visitors that advertised network are target of different methods to get a marketing campaign on the internet and sell the maximum products and services.
A simple word digital marketing is a way to get a high businesses possibility to get a wide range of customer.

The importance of digital marketing?

The modern age market changes in digital plate form everything can buy and sell online it’s a big opportunity for business institutions and also for a customer it’s effective marketing strategy customer can choose a product and service with wide range and time-saving with get a bumper discount offer the different festival are big offer on online shopping site that sells the million of products in 24 hours. It’s not a possibility in the traditional market because of many technical problems are fasting in the traditional market to get a wide range of customer in effective cost.

Future of digital marketing
what is digital marking and its impotans for business and consumer ?

he one general thrust changing is the low of world everything things is changeable we can call here nothing are the permanent basis when you compare the today and just 10 ago you will find a wide range of changes in technology and people daily life.
The internet makes a community here people are share thought and personal experience with family friends and others every people are connected each other and communicate with each other share the live chats and video conference immediately where maximum people engaged dally must be market want to inter there and get business.
Digital Marketing is today fast-growing market the businessman who makes a product and easily sells their products and services to customers and everything is traced by business institutions through the internet.

1. The 4 Ps of marketing is products; price; place; and promotion. The last is promotion it’s mean the market last part of promotion of products and services that get done through the different methods nowadays the social media and video sharing ,smartphone is most usable things the people dally expending time on social media attest 2/3 per day some people are gone maximum but it’s average of people that connect with internet community they are browsing social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest linked in, and YouTube for videos platform these social networking and video sharing site are supported advertising campaign and earn a good income from advisement.

And also the user who visit there he must be watching ads and buy a product and service to online here both have profitable business customers get a good and quality products and businessman get a customer and grow each other.
The type of digital marketing
what is digital marking and its impotans for business and consumer ?

First, we need to clarify that the digital has done through the internet. The businessman posting the advertisement on a website and customer click the web pages and get information about products and services after that buy a product and service. We are to go to discuss the type of digital marketing.

SEO ( search engines options)
SEO is the technology to rank your website in top of search engines like Google and get a high traffic source it’s the technical skill to rank your keywords in the search engine and optimization your website as search guideline.
what is digital marking and its impotans for business and consumer ?

2) social media
Social media is a collection of the website where people share life months with family and friends the power of social media with in house get a million view like on post. When we are browsing the system show the ads on a page and done marketing.
3) Email marketing

The company products and services sell through email call email marketing become of many companies giving an offer through the internet and it’s a simple way to get marketing.
4) youtube Channel

The social media plate from where the company sells the products and services to Target customers using youtube. The video plate form YouTube are effective marketing platform where the company makes a video of products and services put on YouTube.
5) Affiliate marketing
The website, blogs, or link that products and services get business from you and got successful after that you have a commission called affiliate marketing. It’s a good income source for a blogger and website create also for a business institutions to get a final customer.

6 ) PPC marketing

PPC is denoted that pet per clicks it’paid marketing campaign to show the advertisement on the payment basis some of sent or amount pay to advertising company when user click the link and successfully get on the website it’s simple. It’s not deducted any extra money for impressions that means your ads are live and did not click any person on your website link you don’t need pay to money for your campaigns.
7 ) apps marketing

The mobile apps marketing is a way to to get a higher customer own your app where company makes a app publish on play store and app store to download and start selling services through mobile it’s the very effective way to marking.
The final discuss

Digital Marketing is the best way to grow your business it’s profitable for seller and buyer.T he consumer wants to best and quality products in affordable prices and seller want to sell a product and service high quantity that generate a high income here are two major different the business institutions who already track the customer and give him different offer and prices attractive design clean user friendly interface also support to marketing.
It makes a good relationship with business institutions and consumer to show all the things public and under the user control even track the order and pay the amount after home delivery it helps to get user satisfaction.