Top 5 PUBG gamer’s who earn a million of Rupees in 2020


    PUBG is a mobile virtual game today game industry most popular game list the PUBG is No 1 Ranking game in this year PUBG is most earning game list alsoPUBGplayer has to earn millions of rupees from PUBGgame live stream and selling the affiliate product online. here is the Top 5 highest-earning PUBG mobile players of 2020.

    but sometimes this game baned in India. the Indian player is unhappy to baned this game in Indian too many Indian players who love this game to play and earn some pocket money and enjoy or spent some time virtually today we are going to talk about the player who earns millions of rupees from this game.


    paraboy is known for best PUBG player in this world. the para boy is most earning PUBGplayer he earns 290K dollar from PUBG playing money.


    coolboy is a famous chanise player from china he is earning good money from PUBG he is also one part of QFX movie after that he joins nova esport this year is good for him a PUBG player he earns with his own team the total money he earns from PUBG  is 210K dollor.


    this year nova esport team he also earns 200k

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