TM increases RM38 Unifi Broadband Lite 1Mbps monthly data cap from 1GB to 50GB


A Unifi Broadband Lite plan priced at RM38, which is aimed at users in areas where fibre connectivity is not available, has been updated with 50GB monthly data allocation.

Previously, the company listed the plan’s data allocation as 1GB.

Website Amanz reported last month that the plan was spotted by users on the Unifi Community forum. The plan drew criticism from users on the forum who felt that the monthly 1GB allocation is not enough to meet the standards of daily average use in current times.

Telekom Malaysia (TM) in a statement to Amanz clarified that the Broadband Lite 1Mbps plan is not new as it was first introduced in 2015, adding that confusion may have arisen when its team updated a link on the forum posting to replace the original plan which has since expired.

The plan has a download speed of up to 1Mbps and comes with a 12-month contract. According to its FAQ, users must reside in areas without fibre network availability to be eligible to subscribe. This plan is also not open to existing Unifi customers.

TM in its FAQ claimed that 50GB data is sufficient for 2,000 hours of Internet surfing, 200 hours of video streaming, or 2,500 hours of Facebook without watching videos, among others. It also advised customers to turn off their modem if they are not using the Internet as it may affect their available data quota.

The telco added that users will have their Internet speed throttled to 128Kbps upon reaching the 50Gb data cap. However, users for the plan currently can’t view their Internet quota utilisation online. Instead, they have to check with the TM Contact Centre by dialling 100 or reach out via Live Chat through the website, myunifi app or TMpoint outlets.


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