off page optimization in SEO ?

Off-page site optimization is a  technique to improve our target keywords and maximum to focus to get a high-quality backlink’
  • It’s used to create a backlink to another website it’s long term process and most are updated regularly.
  • Off-page optimization is used to third parties website it’s it’s not visually on our website.
  • We can also call an off page optimization is an activity that done others website to get the authority of our website.
  • We called it’s a simple a creating a backlink to another website.
  • We called the Google algorithms Google panda 4.0 is giving the value of 65% in ranking factors.
  • On the page, optimization is 35% on a ranking factors
You remember that you can do a good off page optimization but you must be a focus to write quality content and on page optimization, if your webpage high-quality content more attract the user and visitors to get a time expanding on your website you must be remembered that to less your audience pretense or bounce back.

the technique used to off page optimization?

1) directory submission
Director submission is the most important things to your website in search engine ranking many web directory provides a free web directory in different categories
Its provide a backlink and high user experience it carries a short a details about the submitted website.
SEO is not only rank your post on a website it’s a simple way to gain traffic from different methods. It’s s digital marketing to gain traffic from different source’s if the user visits your website they have found a service he must contact you and you get business.
2) Social Bookmarking
Social networking site most popular nowadays, for example, Facebook has a single website visitors per month above 2.5 billion it’s high traffic. You can just a create your pages account and profile Social media platform to get business it’s.
3)Article submissions
Article submission is a back and unique and articles must be 400 to 600 it depends on a platform. Don’t be use a duplicate content from copy paste material. You can check your article by the plagiarism of your blogs it gives a result of third parties website that you have copied a content to use for your website.
Third party website Blog comment
Nowadays many people are visiting the internet and most engaging to read a blog’s article on the website the different categories the reader are reading a blog’s
You target audience like as your niche website and search a high-quality backlink through a comment you must leave a comment with your blogs URL. The reader of this website also visit your site and you get a fee visitors and backlink
Social media
Social Bookmarking and social media is a different it’s also used to creak a backlink in different website but one type of promotion of website products article video and get an online reputations it’s a simple to create your business page, official page, fan flowing and branding on Twitter this type of activity is Social media verbally social bookmarking used to only create a backlink and social media is focus on marking and get a business and visitors.
Video sharing
Video sharing is a high traffic source because of video views too are watching the videos on YouTube and others platform you have a good product and marketing offer for him and your website name business name products that appear different time on screen the video viewers must be visitors your website and get business from you.
Photo sharing
We are using the methods above for a video sharing and promote our website through video but here same work done from images or photos sharing in different festival images, wishes, Happy New years and others locations people are sharing images and you will create a beautiful image with your website URL this is also one type of marking to get a backlink and business . You can use Pinterest.
Guest posting
Best posting is to request a website Owen I want to write post your website with our website URL with do flow link or No flowlink it’s also one type of traffic sources because of daily visitors their website read a blog’s and also visit your website to read an article and buy products get an offer and others