How do I submit an XML sitemap to Google?

If you have to face a problem to add Google XML sitemap to your blog are hosted on blogger don’t worry I have show you step by step in a simple way just read this step by step do same as herein screenshot.

Every blog needs to submit a site map for an SEO point of view it’s improving search engines ranking of blogs. Every blog need do to two things that are
1)Blogs submit to search console 2)Create an XML sitemap and submit?
the sitemap is the .xml file in a simple word sitemap are carried all data URL of the website which is ready to submit in the search engine. The search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing is collect a blog post data and store it’s own database and show the result when people are searching a keyword in Google search. Yahoo search, Bing search, Baidu search act.

Sitemap has a carry all information about our website it helps to crawl and index when a robot visits our website to crawl and index it helps to navigate so the robot can find the proper way and index for search.

A sitemap is most important for an on-page SEO and increases the organics ranking keywords. If you have a new website and don’t have a bank link to support your content ranking it helps you to better response in increase website organics traffic.

the sitemap for blogger custom domain?

If Your blogs on blogger with Custom domain and You want to create a sitemap you just flow the same step to create an XML sitemap for your website. If your website hosted on blogger and don’t have a sitemap but your websites is hosted third-party company the WordPress is a plugin like as Google XML sitemap generator that automatically generates a sitemap URL and helps to rank post.

Blogger is the free platform to create a blog’s you everything To do Manual your self for your’s blogs SEO. The on-page SEO is combinations of your blog writing skill.
YO MUST BE KNOW how to use your proper targeted keywords and optimize it for better response on the search result and get organics traffic from search engines.
Generate a Complete Sitemap for your
visit the website create a  sitemap for your blogs

1. Open the Sitemap Generator and type the full address of your
blogspot blog (or your self-hosted
Blogger blog).
2. Click the Create Sitemap button and this tool will instantly generate the necessary text for your
Generate a Complete Sitemap for your Blogger Blog


edit your copied sitemap and go to google search console and save it for index just from atom ….. all URL and save to index if the index is successful you sitemap is submitted if any problem generates and save it same as above instructions.