Apple’s new iPhone – named iPhone SE 2020, priced at $399

US company Apple is preparing to launch a new version of its cheap iPhone in the near future.

Apple’s new iPhone was claimed to be the new iPhone in the news so far. But the latest report dismissed that claim, claiming that the name of the new iPhone that Apple will bring will be iPhone SE3.

According to a report from Nine to Five Mac, the cheapest priced iPhone 5 that Apple has brought to the market will remain as the new version of the SEC.

What will be the features?

A list of iPhone screen protectors is listed at Apple’s official online store. However, the name of Apple’s new phone appears to be iPhone SE. The screen protector can also be used on iPhone Seven and iPhone 8. This confirms that the new iPhone SE will have a 5.5-inch display.

Reportedly, the new iPhone will have up to 100 GB storage.

Apple still sells the iPhone 8 and even the iPhone 7, as its most affordable iPhone models in India. The recent GST hike has increased the prices on these phones substantially. The iPhone 8, despite being a 3-year old model, still carries an MRP of Rs 42,600 — that’s higher than a new OnePlus phone you can buy today. The iPhone 7, which is vintage now, carries an MRP of Rs 31,500 for the base 32GB model.

The iPhone SE3 will come in three colors. Which will include black, white and red. It will use the A13 bionic chipset used on the iPhone 4.

The iPhone SE 5, which comes as Apple’s cheapest iPhone, is said to be priced at $ 500.

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