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9 Smartphone Apps The User Spent Most This Year – Know the Name?


In the current year 2020, user spending on mobile apps and games have set a model-new record. Users spent significantly this year on both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Playstore.

Apple has maintained its dominance this year regarding revenue from the app.

2020, 65 per cent of smartphone users’ app purchases came from Apple devices.

The Google Play Store also managed to extend revenue from apps by almost 30 per cent this year.

According to the statistics, the features that iPhone users spend the foremost money on are games, photos, videos and social networking.

Games, entertainment and social media are among the many foremost spent genres by Android smartphone users.

According to App Annie’s report, the 9 most successful apps in 2020 are:

9 Smartphone Apps That Users Have Spent The Most This Year –Do you Know the Name?

  1. Tinder: the favoured dating app Tinder has become the very best-grossing app this year. With this app, users can search for other customers’ profiles and discover a match for themselves.
  2. Tickling: Tickling is that the second most used app by users. during this app, users can share their video creation in 15 seconds.
  3. YouTube: Google’s subsidiary video platform YouTube is in third place.
  4. Disney Plus: Streaming service Disney Plus is that the third highest-earning app retailer this year. The app features Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic content.
  5. Tencent Video: Chinese video streaming app ranks fifth on the record of most spent apps by the users.
  6. Netflix: Netflix is in sixth place within the app Annie.
  7. AQIII: Chinese online video platform Equii ranks seventh. This app provides videos in several languages.
  8. Google One: Google’s cloud storage subscription service is that the eighth-most spent service by Google One users.
  9. Bigo Live: The free live video chat app Bigo Live has been ranked ninth on the list of the foremost spent apps by users this year.

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